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Hello there lovelies! :iconcodilinechan: here to just spread a little goodwill and other sentiments that should make your day something special, yea!

First, I think you all should just extend a hearty thank you to :icondark-desert-rose: and :iconintrepidmuse: for their tireless efforts to keep this club not only running, but in wonderful shape. They have to be the best Co-Founders/Moderators I have ever seen or had a pleasure to work with. :D I know they'd appreciate that too! And while we are learning as we go, I have to credit the two of them with the most intelligence. :love:

Secondly, a little housekeeping, which never gets old. Recently, it was decided that the Fan Club's rating would be along the guidelines of PG-13. That means that some content may be a little "out of the box", but nothing CONTAINING blatant and sexually suggestive nudity, drug use, profane language and the like. Now, let me put this into perspective:

We are a Disney group. Of that we are completely and totally aware. What also has to be noted is the genre of ART itself. Therefore, combining the two serves for a catalyst of creativity and originality.

In short, this group is for fans of this Disney masterpiece to not only show why they love it, but go a step further and EMBRACE what they can create with it. Alternate universes, different outfits, diverse styles in which you can draw the characters in; all of that encompasses the meaning of this club: to not only be a fan of Princess and the Frog, but to ENJOY The Princess and the Frog.

We do not want anyone in this group to think that inappropriate images are being thrown at them or subliminally coded. That is not what we wish to do. We only wish to share the greatness of this movie with you, and receive some fan-developed love in return. We are an art family, poised on sharing, caring, and enjoying. At the same time, members can freely submit work. We do not approve every item submitted to the club, which in turn allows for some "impermissibles" to fall through the cracks.

With all of that said, *points to you* this is what YOU can do.

-If you see something horridly inappropriate, let us know via PRIVATE message with the link to the problem. In all honesty, that gets answered a lot quicker than a wall post. Plus, the situation can be henceforth handled in a professional manner without all-out "reply-wars".

-Do not submit horridly inappropriate work. Period. It will get deleted. Send it again and a message will be sent to you, and if you so much as THINK about pressing the "enter" key on your keyboard to submit it a third time you will be banned quicker than I can say Red Beans and Rice Mardi Gras.

-There are some artists who create PG work and put "Mature" filters on it. That is all fine and dandy because that is their belief. If you don't want to see any mature content whatsoever, turn your filter on. It's as simple as that. :D

So, in the end y'all, I hope this was presented in a clear manner. That's something that I am truly working on. I mean no offense by this note, either. I just wanted to let the family know how much we care!

And please keep up the wonderful work of being members. You all brighten our days, and sharing the wonderfulness that is PatF with y'all is...well...something SPECIAL!

Questions? Comments? ETC? Let us know! :D


P.S. WHO DAT! Congratulations Saints! :D
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